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The Arcane Unknown: Mithra Vara – Magician

by on Dec.28, 2011, under Wallpapers

Mithra Vara - Magician

Mithra Vara - Magician

Agent Mithra Vara prepares to dazzle with his stage trickery, but little does the audience realize–the magic is real! Thanks so much to Roy Chase for volunteering for this shoot! Thanks also to production assistants Chris Bupp and Barbara Attilio, as well as the intrepid producer Brooke Fox!

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The Arcane Unknown: Wilma Jones – Born Leader

by on Jun.29, 2011, under Wallpapers

Wilma Jones - Born Leader

Wilma Jones - Born Leader

Here’s another operative for our card game– The Gearheart: The Arcane Unknown.

Agent Wilma Jones stands before her two goons, ready to send them into battle. Thanks so much to Ashley Nicole for her role as Wilma Jones, and to Mike Wilson and Ryan McKannan for the goons. Produced by Brooke Fox. Production assistance by Barbara Attilio.

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Secret Project Wallpaper: Glen Eggers – Devil

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Wallpapers

Glen Eggers - Devil

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Glen Eggers storms up a stairwell, his blade gleaming with sinister anticipation. Thanks to Ryan McKannan for bringing this terrifying character to life! Thanks also to producer Brooke Fox, production assistant Barbara Attilio and Chandler Hayes, for the Lincoln Mill location!

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Secret Project Wallpaper: Maddie Clarke – Virtuoso

by on Mar.21, 2011, under Wallpapers

Maddie Clarke - Virtuoso

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Maddie Clarke strikes a chord on her guitar, sending streamers of magic into the night! Thanks so much to Theresa Bupp for posing for us, and to our production assistant, Barbara Attilio! Of course, we must always thank super-producer Brooke Fox, as well!

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Secret Project Wallpaper: Agent Rufus Cooper – Hunted

by on Feb.07, 2011, under Wallpapers

Agent Rufus Cooper - Hunted

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Agent Rufus Cooper evades capture on the rooftops of Saint David as he searches for his target. Brian Bedwell was kind enough to pose for us and furnish that fantastic costume and firearm. Special thanks to production assistants Barbara Attilio and Renée White, producer Brooke Fox and to Chandler Hayes for providing the location.

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Wallpaper: Special Agent Bartholomew Dean – Assassin

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Wallpapers

Special Agent Bartholomew Dean - Assassin

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Here we see Special Agent Bartholomew Dean as he looks upon his prey, preparing for an attack. Chris Bupp really brought Special Agent Dean to life in this excellent shot. Thanks also to Chandler Hayes for providing us the Lincoln Mills location and to production assistants Nolan Cash and Renée White. Thanks always to our producer Brooke Fox, without whom we could not function.

And in case you’re wondering, the goon that looks like he should be hawking Andy Capp’s Hot Fries is me.

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Secret Project Wallpaper: Agent Viola Bouvier – Pursuit

by on Oct.24, 2010, under Wallpapers

Viola Bouvier - Pursuit

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You might be wondering who this Agent is… She’s from the secret project!

Christine “Hollywood” Newman plays Viola Bouvier as she leans out a window to take a shot at someone. Barbara Attilio can be seen playing Fannie Hope in the driver’s seat. Thanks to Christine and her movie star looks, the shot went off without a hitch. Thanks also to Chandler Hayes for providing us the Lincoln Mills location, Wade Sanders for providing us the Oldsmobile, and to production assistants Nolan Cash and Renée White.

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Wallpaper: Augustus Elsworth – Ace

by on Oct.09, 2010, under Wallpapers

Augustus Elsworth - Ace

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Chandler Hayes plays Augustus Elsworth as he sets his sights on a new enemy. Thanks again to Chandler for reprising his role, and thanks also to production assistants Renée White, Barbara Attilio and Misty Granade. Of course, special mention goes to producer Brooke Fox for securing us the site! (Thanks also to Walt Schaefer for the awesome biplane!)

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Sneak Peek Wallpaper: Bettie Misko – Mentor

by on Sep.21, 2010, under Wallpapers

Bettie Misko - Mentor

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Have you ever wondered who taught Augustus everything he knew? Her name is Agent Bettie Misko, and she is one tough cookie! Have a sneak peak at one of our characters from Maiden Flight of the Avenger— coming this December!

Bettie Misko was played by Misty Granade, and our shoot featured producer Brooke Fox, assistant producer Renée White, and production assistant Barbara Attilio. Thanks also to Walt Schaefer for providing the excellent location and (ahem) ordnance!

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