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“…get the book and listen for yourself.” –
“It is easy for me to recommend The Gearheart. It is unique among the podio fiction novels I have heard and it is lavishly undertaken.” – View From Valhalla
“…I discovered yet another jewel, in fact, it was more like a treasure chest.” –
“Alex White has definitely earned a place on my list of podcast novelists to keep an eye on.” – Cloud Culture
“…an inspired steampunk novel brimming with brass goggles, grand airships, blazing magic, treachery, gunfights, murder and darkness.” – The Podagogue
“No monkeys.” – Steve Jackson

The Gearheart: Artifice

Jonathan Andrews, Initiate in the Seekers of the Arcane Unknown, joined the society two years ago with the hopes of protecting the secrets of magic from the greedy world beyond.  However, a ravening shadow appears with a hunger for Seekers and Jonathan finds himself out of his depth.  When Jonathan’s friend is attacked and the young initiate is assailed with apocalyptic visions of the future, he must find a way to uncover the past and stop the beast before it tears his group, and the world, asunder.  It’s a ripping tale of magic, adventure and gunfights!

The Gearheart: Maiden Flight of the Avenger

Agent Augustus Elsworth is a Seeker of the Arcane Unknown, mechanic, pilot and thief… or so he believes. When Augustus is caught trying to steal a magic artifact from the ruthless mobster Charles Patrick, he is offered a choice: buy it outright, or forget about his mission. In order to win the money, the young mechanic decides to enter the Cliffside Aeroprix, the most dangerous air race in the world. Can Augustus win the race, or even survive it?

“Maiden Flight of the Avenger is a rattling yarn, held together with steam, pistons and beauty.” — Philippa Ballantine, Author of “Geist”

“A gripping story that lays down the groundwork for the incredible universe of The Gearheart.” — Tee Morris, Author of “Phoenix Rising”

The Author:

Alex White lives in the woodland city of Huntsville, Alabama, where he writes pulp fiction and performs it with his wife, Renée.  They have a son who is part dinosaur, a blind dog and a cat that acts like Zsa Zsa Gabor.

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