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Gearheart Challenge: Pulp Heroes Shot to a Pulp

by on Feb.24, 2009, under News

So if you were listening to The Gearheart Episode 01, you may have noticed one of the characters was shot!  The book is very much inspired by pulp, so that got me wondering:

What is the most hard-boiled, pulpy way that a character could fix a gunshot wound?

Would it be a shot of whiskey and a pile of hot cigar ash?  Maybe he would rub it full of concrete dust from the concrete slippers he just escaped from!  Use your imagination.

Drop a comment below, and let me know what you think!  If your comments are in by Saturday, you might just get mentioned in the podcast!

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  • Volrath d' Pergrine

    After breaking through a 5th floor apartment bathroom window, the perp tears out a chunk of sheetrock crumbling it into his handy foldout cooker melting said sheetrock into a pyroclastic, gypsum goo that he spatulas into his wound with a stick. His head thrown back, he roars out his pain and anger. Nevertheless, his long finger nails notwithstanding he works quickly–a persistent police detective is even now climbing a drainpipe outside the broken window and is closing upon him.

  • Alex White

    HAHAHAHAHA! Tough to top that one!

  • Joseph Johnston

    After taking a shot to his thigh, our hero falls against the wall of a crumbling building. “Gotta…get away…” he says to himself as he drags his useless leg down a stairwell and into a ruined basement. Grabbing a twisted piece of rebar, he digs out the still searing bullet. He pumps out an unspent shotgun shell from his Remington 1100 Tactical Shotgun and cuts the plastic casing open with a chunk of shattered glass. After emptying a small amount of black powder into the glass, he drips some blood onto the pile and mixes it together to form a paste. He wraps one of his socks around the rebar and places it between his teeth. He pours the rest of the powder into the wound and bites down hard, tears streaming down his cheeks. A nearby wire is sparking on the ground, and he uses it to ignite the paste, which burns slowly. “Here goes nothing.” he thinks to himself as he lifts the sputtering flame to the wound. Poof! The flame goes out. Frustration creeping across his face, he thinks “Oh, fuck it.” and jams the wire into the pile of gunpowder in his leg. It ignites the pile while his body convulses with 220 volts of electricity. Managing to jerk the wire away, our hero begins to lose consciousness. The last thing he sees is his pursuers creeping through the doorway.

  • Alex White

    Oh very nice. You are truly Monsieur Incroyable!

  • Steam Pirate Radio

    from personal experience… epoxy and leather.

  • Alex White

    Okay. Now I’m going to have to ask for the story behind that one.

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