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I’m not dead!

by on Oct.11, 2011, under Podcast

Disasterpiece TheatreJust so all of you know, I’ve still been podcasting! Stephen Granade of “What the Cast” and I have a podcast called “Disasterpiece Theatre.” Interested? Here’s a bit about it:

“Disasterpiece Theatre is a podcast where we imagine the most tragically-possible, bad Hollywood movie ideas!  We take everyone’s favorite actors and directors and misappropriate them in bone-chillingly realistic fashion.  Love Ghostbusters?  What if they made a third one… from the directors of “Scary Movie”?  How about Milla Jovovich in a heartwarming family piece?  The result is a truly groan-worthy pitch, as well as comedy gold.”

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  • seeingthroughthebs

    you should sacrifice more of your digital addictions to pay for your son’s treatments instead of pandering to the people that read your musings. Shame on you two…shame shame. It’s going to backfire on you and you’ll be left standing there with a blank stare.

  • Alex White

    Hey, I have a better idea: own up to your statement, coward. You don’t have a clue what my life is like, and you don’t know my family. If you have a problem with me or the way we do things, send me an e-mail and we’ll discuss it… but don’t hide behind a fake e-mail address. You’re pathetic.

  • Heyes

    Wow, Alex, I’m so sorry someone posted that comment.
    Don’t let it get you down.

    Dave Heyes

  • Tee Morris

    Ah anonymity….the Invisibility Cloak for Internet Douchebags.

    Alex, this priceless wonder here is not even worth my comment so what does that make him to you. You’re a solid father dealing with the challenges of you kid like a pro…but you also need outlets. Otherwise, you will go nuts.

    This troll is awfully brave, soo brave he engages you on a public forum under anonymity. I agree with your assessment — if you’ re going to call someone out, MAN UP and give a real name and contact.

  • Allison Duncan

    Dear @seeingthroughthebs,

    If you are going to flame someone, go for the gold. Trolling behind the cloak of anonymity is 4chan sh*t.


    The Internet

  • seeingthroughthebs

    I’m terribly sorry for my previous statements. I am, in fact, very jealous of your ability to care for your family while finding new and creative venues to provide for them.

    I myself am a small shell of a man, a wasted husk of sad, cloying, diseased helplessness. My hatred of humanity has forced humanity to turn it’s back on me, leaving me no recourse but bile and spite, and no outlet other than the internet.

    But thankfully, there is anonymity on the internet, which allows my message to be sent without consequence. With this power, there is clearly no way that I can be misrepresented or misinterpreted . . . oh wait!

  • Renee

    @Seeingthroughthebs This is Renee, Alex’s wife. I think you may not understand the situation. While I don’t think our financial situation is anyone’s business, I guess since we asked for financial help from friends and fans, some information is deserved. Alex has a full time job as a graphic designer. I have had to give up my career in order to care for our son’s special needs. We have paid as much as we can for his therapy, but it costs about $3,000.00 a month. The majority of people in this country, us included, cannot afford to pay that much a month and still pay for the house/food/etc.

    Alex’s podcast is something he does at night after our son has gone to sleep. It is a hobby. We are not relying on our “digital addictions” to pay for our son’s therapy. Everyone in podcasting knows that there is NO money to be made in podcasting. We do this for fun. Just an outlet for creative urges. What would we gain by NOT doing a podcast? A little more free time, but how will that pay the exorbitant amount needed?

    Also, I’m not even sure what you mean by digital addictions. That’s such a strong and specific term, why do I get the impression that you are implying something that I’m not understanding. To “sacrifice more of our digital addictions” means what? Internet service? Cell phone? Twitter? What do you know about our digital habits that can help me make a better budget? I am so sick of clipping coupons in order to feed my family. If I can cut back somewhere else, that I’m not seeing, I’d LOVE to know! Please, seriously, tell me how.

  • TheCuban1

    @Seeingthroughthebs, do your Mommy and Daddy know you’re on the computer without their supervision?

  • David Niemeyer

    Alex, Renee

    What a sad person @seeingthroughebs must be. How vile to send something like that period, let alone on the 25th.
    I am sorry to see these cowards get away with posting trash without the courage to to make themselves known.

    I applaud both of you for being able to maintain as much calm as you have.

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