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We’re Back, and You Should Listen to Us!

by on Mar.13, 2011, under Maiden Flight

Hey, Gearheads!

I just wanted to let you know how much your support has meant to us over the past few months. I can’t tell you how great you’ve all been to Renée and me when we were down and out. For all of those concerned for my darling wife, know that we are moving forward and making progress. We’re working as hard as we can on getting to the bottom of things, and we’ve made some huge strides.

For all of you who fear future interruptions: I have a huge buffer of her lines. It’s not going to happen again. The rest of Maiden Flight should appear on our normal weekly schedule. The best thing you can do for us now is listen, and drop us a line if you get the chance. We love working for you, and we hope you enjoy the rest of Maiden Flight of the Avenger!

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  • JohnFrost

    That’s great news! Here’s to hoping your wife continues to get better.

  • andy

    im glad that your back but im more happy that you are getting to the bottom of things with your wifes health.and we all understand that your family comes first so if you have to stop for anyreason im sure everyone will understand.great episode bytheway.

  • James Keeling

    We’re just glad that she’s doing better. Strife is sadly a part of life and you my friend are handling it better than most. Here’s to continued success in the future. As for the story, we serve at the pleasure of the author, and that’s you.

  • Heyes

    I am loving this entry into “the gearheart” universe! I love Augustus, loved him even back in “the gearheart” proper.

  • William D.

    I’m EXTREMELY happy to hear the positive news regarding Renee…it’s a major blessing to have you back Alex, and my prayers continue to go to you and your family.

  • Dave

    Happy to Hear the good news but family comes first besides good things are worth the wait.

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