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Gearheart Challenge: Biscuitkinesis

by on Mar.09, 2009, under News

Here’s the latest Gearheart Challenge:

We’re all aware of the extreme arcane powers of the Seekers, but surely they’re not the only ones in the world.  If Isabelle controls fire, and Keegan is a telekinetic, perhaps there are some other… less useful powers out there.  So what do you think?  Ultimate Cookie Baking Magic?  Biscuitkinesis?  If you’ve got a useless power, lay it on me!  If you get them in by Saturday, I’ll read my favorites on the air!

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  • AustontheGreat1

    The power to pop into movies and T.V. shows for 5 seconds, just long enough to make a smart ass comment to main characters just before blinking right back onto your living room couch.

    that and the power to turn mailboxes into tacos, evil tacos made of hatred and fire.

  • Ashley & Nicholas

    obscuropedia – encyclopedic knowledge of an obscure and unpopular TV series available at one’s fingertips. Panic can trigger it, too, so that when faced with a dangerous situation, one blathers on about the color of so-and-so’s socks in episode 211.

    limited thermokinesis – the power to make one’s extremities not deadly, but uncomfortably, cold.

  • Volrath

    Beauzafication — The uncanny ability to morph ugly, obnoxious bar flies into articulate, fold-out quality babes. Requires the regular ingestion of shots of Jack with a beer back. Works best between midnight and 2:00 AM, local time, and accompanied by she-done-me-wrong, cryin’ music.

  • Morning Toast

    1) Lintspeed is the power to empty the lint trap in a flash. And by empty we mean *empty* – spotless, not a loose thread, hair, or skin flake. People with this unreal power never ever have to worry about house fires caused by full lint traps ever again.

    2) Blink Fast is the super ability to blink *faster* than a blink of the eye. Much like a humming bird, they can blink so fast that they may actually be constantly blinking but it looks like their always staring forward, often making people uncomfortable.

  • Rich

    Prophylagogic- The ability to unwrap and apply a condom in a graceful instant that doesn’t break the mood. One handed. In the dark.


    El Dozoh the Sleep Charmer
    In exchange for saving the life of a Caribbean witch doctor, the Luchador El Dozoh was granted the mystical ability to speak coherently in his sleep, even to answer the phone without waking, giving him an unlimited ‘just five more minutes!’

  • Alex White

    Sorry, man! You’ve gotta get these in by Saturday!

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