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The Gearheart Ep.35

by on Feb.11, 2010, under Podcast

This week on The Gearheart: Crust’s actions lead to a surprise confrontation.  Will it be the death of another Agent? Find out on The Gearheart!

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  • Mary Laura

    Great episode!
    The story is really coming together, and it’s juicy and kickass.
    Way to go, Alex!

  • Craig C

    Indeed a good episode, though the stereo was a little off in the gearheart main theme at the start and the end. The music was way to the right in my stereo field making it a little uncomfortable to me, might just be me there though. Good to hear the return of the sponsorship spot though, I love those.

    I really, really like how Cog is turning out. No idea how you imagined her visually (I’ve issues with my sight so I can’t see the wallpaper), but she seems a great (perhaps not so) young lady. She can keep her head together in a fight but she has a heart as well, and a sense of honour and duty. She isn’t perfect, but then noone is, and her intentions are mostly good.

  • Katie K

    Worth the wait! And I totally did not listen to this at work while pretending to read a technical paper so no one would suspect anything. Loved the back and forth between concurrent action.

  • Jim

    I enjoyed the episode immensely as well. The tension and sense of history you have developed between Cog and Darren was really well done. I’m curious what Astrid thought would think about Meave Manners being in the house… She was run off before the screams… And Nicolas as well… After all, he hired crust to kill her…

  • JohnFrost

    Man, what a great episode. I’ve been waiting almost a month now for me to have enough uninterrupted time to listen to the whole thing straight through, and boy am I glad I did–I couldn’t have kept up all that suspense and action if I kept having to start and stop it =T

    Hugely evocative imagery with the rooftop battle, at night, in a dead city, during a thunderstorm. That was awesome. As were the technical (can I call it that? Mystical, perhaps?) details about the alchemy used on Maeve and the history behind it… I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

    Both the confrontations between Cog and her long lost brother, and her long lost lover in one episode? Man, that could have been a total disaster, but both conversations hit exactly the right notes. I totally felt the emotions there; very realistic responses. Thank you so much for that.

    I kept expecting Slade to show up and save Cog… so glad she saved herself! When he did finally show up in the episode, another great reveal. I can’t WAIT to see how this plays out.

    Next episode, please!

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