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Thank You. No, Really.

by on Nov.25, 2009, under News

I want to take a moment to thank each and every person who has reached out to me over e-mail, Twitter or as a commenter on this site.  I can’t tell you all how much it means to get such an amazing response from the listening community.  In fact, before now, I wasn’t really aware that we HAD a listening community, much less such a huge one.  Many of you know people with autistic spectrum disorder or have autistic kids.  I even met a listener who was autistic, and his message was quite dear to me.

Your comments, condolences and understanding have been integral to me during these troubling times.  The Gearheart is a lifelong dream for me (because I have been failing at it for awhile), and it was painful to think that I might lose so much ground on it because of personal things that must take priority.  I was really and truly touched, and a few times, I even got misty when I checked my e-mails… in a very manly way, of course.  No one out there has better fans than I do.  Sorry, other podcasters, but it’s true.  You guys are the cream of the crop, and I am continually humbled by you all.

So where to now? Well, with my son, it appears to be the uphill battle of our lives with insurance companies that would just as soon spit on us as look at us.  The boy will get the care he deserves, but we may have to bleed for it before all is said and done.  When I get more information, I’ll be sure and post it here.  A decent book sale could pay for a year of his therapy.  Perhaps I should get on that.

With The Gearheart, I promise that there will be no more service interruptions until this is all complete.  The manuscript is set to end this weekend, and it’s going to end big.  The podcast will be about ten or so weeks behind that.  Hang on to your hats, dear listeners, because it’s going to be a heck of a ride.

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  • Kyle Dockery

    I would happily buy a copy of The Gearheart if you decided to sell it, as I’m sure all of the other listeners would as well. Insurance companies are hell to deal with but once you’re in with them its fine(mostly). Good luck.

  • Rich

    Take as long as you need. (Duh you’re going to anyway but don’t feel guilty about it)

    You guys are in my family’s and my thoughts and prayers.

    You need anything dm me in twitter and I’ll see what I can do bro. rasplundjr

  • Brooke

    I too would buy a hard copy of The Gearheart. I would also help promote it in any way I could, i.e. man a booth for you at D*C or something. ;) Warm fuzzies to you, Renee, and the little dude.

  • Graham King

    Cheers and all! I just started here (listened to Ep1 of Gearheart).. ready though to also join in expressing my best wishes in support, for the challenges you face.
    I received a firm diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome myself this autumn.. had expected and sought it, for clarity.
    I regularly work with people on ‘the spectrum’ too (part-time job coaching).
    I appreciate that everyone of us is different, each of us with particular difficulties (and strengths).
    Once again, along with thanks to you for the enjoyment I have already received from Gearheart, comes my encouragement and blessing. If you wish to correspond, please feel free to email me.
    Graham King

  • Dave

    As long as your son will be ok I am willing to wait on the gearheart besides great stories are worth the wait


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