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Gearheart Challenge: The Beerheart

by on Mar.03, 2009, under News

So here’s another challenge to tickle your brain:

Let’s say that you just got done working a hard day or air piracy, looting the sky armadas of the world for their wonderous treasure.  With what do you kick back?  A brew?  A tonic?  Some sort of brewing-science-gone-mad?!

Get me your answers by Saturday, and they just might be read on the air!

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  • Ashley

    Nothing like kickin’ back in your airship galley with a “monkey wrench” : a mix of axle grease, jet fuel, and Jack Daniels in equal parts. Only true steampunkers can handle it; the pansies just die loudly!

  • Alex White

    Oh that’s going into the next episode for sure.

  • Volrath

    Jamey Joiner pushed the door behind him and shuffled to his stool. He coughed, rearranging the resident phlegm, and with his mouth reminiscent of a covey of gastrically distressed Oompa Loompas bivwacking overnight on his tongue, Jamey called out: “Dee.”

    Dee Gotrack raised up from behind the bar, dish towel clutched in her detergent reddened fingers. “Waddya have, Jamey?” she asked, flipping the threadbare rag into a sink rimed with grey suds, then wiping her hands on her silver spandex mini skirt. “The usual?”

    Jamey blinked through the greasy film still coating his eyes at the woman outlined by the neon blinking through the window. Hard living was taking its toll on the bar tendrix, but she still had a body that would make a bishop kick a hole in a stain glass window. “Yeah. Make it a Bentley.” No way he could handle domestic tonight with its rough flux congeners.

    Dee slid back the folding doors to expose a line of auto radiators. Wisps of steam flitted about the seams of the green burnished copper tubing as she drew off a double shot from the chromed radiator on the left. She clamped the drink into the reclaimed paint shaker resting at the end of the bar.

    “Vintage?” he asked, his temples throbing like a Renault with one plug disconnected.

    “Tuesday.” Dee threw the switch on the shaker.

    Good, Jamey thought. The older distillations had smoother lead. Dee brought the vibrating shaker to a halt and handed up the crystal clear libation, liquid beads dancing about the rim attesting to its proof.

    Especially when not stirred.


    After takin’ off yer ‘sky legs’ (de-magnetizing your ship strap) you’d probably weave over to cargo. You’ll move to the bowels of the galleon keeping one hand to the ship, and hoping that Blackey White, the first mate, hasn’t bogarted all of the run-off from the chryoduste compartment. If he has then you might break off the end of one of the contra band Selu plants and take it straight, trying very hard not to burn your throat…. Again!

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