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Gearheart Challenge: Literati

by on May.06, 2009, under News

And now for this week’s challenge:

Everyone listening right now probably reads some fantasy and sci-fi, but is that your favorite genre of lit? When you’re feeling like you need a pick-me-up, what’s your dusty tome of choice? Mack Bolan? Jane Eyre? The Necronomicon?

When you get your answer, give it to a Trojan, and make sure that he knows that the future of Greece depends upon it. Then have him run twenty-six miles and, with his dying breath, tell me what has become of the troops at Thermopylae. Then have him tell me your challenge answer by posting it here. I’ll read my favorites on the air next week.

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  • Johnnie A

    My reading is essentially wide and varied I tend to spend my time between several genres, though my tastes tend to gravitate towards fantasy, science fiction and crime. Subsequently I rather enjoy Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels, particularly his “City Watch” sub-series. These are essentially crime novels with fantasy twists set in a world where pretty much anything goes. When Pratchett doesn’t suffice I tend to turn to the works of Raymond Chandler which I rather like as well, or to R.A. Lafferty, whose short fiction (fantasy or sci-fi) always makes me laugh. There are so many great writers out there, and so little time (or money, these days) to explore them all.

  • Chris

    If no one else is going to say it I will… Ender’s Game. Orson Scott Card was the first led me by the hand out of this reality and into another.

  • Odin1eye

    I’ve been an avid reader since I was in first grade where I won a reading contest. Early success as they say. I read The Hobbit in third grade and the LOTR saga between 4th and 5th. I’ve read it over 15 times now and still love it.

    Some of my first science fiction would have been the old John Carter series by Burroughs. I remember how much I loved those books, but will admit while I still will occasionally enjoy them, they are a little simplistic.

    Asimov’s Robot and Foundation series are timeless.

    In other genre’s, I will miss Michael Crichton. I also enjoy Robin Cook and Jack Ludlum.

    In pulp western, my favorite author was Morgan Hill (don’t expect that one to be recognized). Louis L’amour and Zane Grey never really captured my attention though.

    In historical romance (yep, will even read that from time to time) the only author I would recommend would be Patricia Veryan.

    And of course, who doesn’t like Robert Patterson? If I feel like shooting myself, I can always read a Nicholas Sparks novel.

    I wish Richard Castle was a real author as I’m sure I would enjoy his snarkiness.

    My last two favorites for tonight would have to be the one and only uber nemisis, Tee Morris, and the Dark Goddess (or Gothess) herself, Pip Ballentine.

  • Vinnet

    I know this is almost a year late, but I thought it was worth answering.

    The Star Wars novels have always had my heart, but recently, Wen Spencer’s Ukiah Oregon series and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series have been my pick-me-up/I-need-to-read-something-or-else books. (The Ukiah series follows really awesome aliens through modern-day Pittsburgh; Dresden is a wizard in modern Chicago. There might be a theme here.)

    As far as visual formats, though, Stargate SG-1, Firefly, and Avatar: the Last Airbender are great and thoroughly entrenched in SF/Fantasy. (Yes, I know Avatar is a kid’s show, but I’ve got my aerospace major to balance out my dignity, as do the other engineers who watched it with me.)

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